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’s story

We had two little girls and our financial situation was not good. When we found out I was pregnant, I was already in my third month. I really didn't want another baby. The thought of trying to manage financially with another baby terrified me. My husband was pressuring me to terminate the pregnancy so we decided to abort.

When I told a close friend about the pregnancy, she encourage me not to have the abortion before calling EFRAT. My abortion appointment was the next day. I called EFRAT and told the volunteer about my financial difficulties and my decision. When I heard that EFRAT was willing to help me with the baby's needs after birth, I realized I could actually continue the pregnancy.

The next morning I woke up with pain in my lower abdomen. I immediately felt that something was wrong with the pregnancy. The doctor sent me to the emergency ward, warning me I may be having a miscarriage. My husband and I sat in the hospital, waiting for the results. It felt so strange. I couldn't stop praying that the baby would be alright—the same baby that I’d been planning to abort. The next two hours were the longest in my life.

When the doctors told me that the pregnancy was okay, I was so happy. I couldn't imagine that I had considered abortion. The thought of losing this baby was enough to make me want to hold onto it with all my might! With the promise of help from EFRAT, I could look forward to having my third baby.

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