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When you support a mother, you build generations.

Every child born with EFRAT’s assistance is being raised by their birth mother. These women want to have their babies. But they can’t do it alone.

Your generous donation helps women bring their children into the world with dignity—and raise them with peace of mind.

We rely solely on donors like you to give women in crisis the support they desperately need.

Efrat receives no government funding.

All of our fieldworkers are generous volunteers, who give freely of their time and resources.

Our baby supplies and equipment are purchased in bulk to keep our overhead very low.

This means that your donation goes directly to struggling women, providing:

Counseling and emotional support from EFRAT’s team of trained volunteers

Practical and financial assistance, including basic baby products and essential food staples for the first two years of her baby's life
Free medical consultations from our clinical team of leading health professionals.

Advice, guidance, and advocacy so she can exercise her rights and get the support she deserves

Vocational support, training and free educational opportunities so she can achieve financial independence
Safe housing in an apartment where she can live rent-free for the duration of her pregnancy and six months after her birth

Parenting education that gives her the knowledge and skills to care for and communicate with her child in a healthy way

Hear from donors

EFRAT is there to help women make informed decisions. And save lives.

It's always the woman's choice to reach out. That's important to me. EFRAT is not pushy. They don't have a political agenda. They are there to help women make informed decisions. And they save Jewish lives. They save babies' lives, and they save women's lives.

Anat, friend and donor of EFRAT

She should have the resources she needs, so that if she wants to have her baby, she can.

A pregnant woman in crisis is physically and emotionally vulnerable. I don't want her to be pushed into an abortion just because the baby would be an inconvenience to someone else. She should have resources so that if she wants to have her baby, she can have her baby."

Jerry, long time EFRAT donor