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Supporting her in every way, at every stage

EFRAT provides support services for women dealing with unexpected pregnancies, allowing them to navigate their complex new reality with calm and confidence — and the knowledge that someone cares.


A glimmer of hope in the darkness

Women who consider terminating their pregnancies find themselves in a delicate, stressful, and often complex position. They feel alone, worried, and desperate, without adequate support.

When a woman turns to EFRAT, one of our trained volunteers seeks to understand her needs and becomes a steady source of comfort, strength, and hope leading up to birth and, in many cases, long after it.

Based on the woman's circumstances and needs, our volunteer coordinator and head social worker may also bring in additional professionals, who offer their services to EFRAT women pro bono. These professionals include doctors, lawyers, psychologists, doulas, lactation consultants, life coaches, and social workers.

Our team of over 150 EFRAT volunteers includes women from diverse backgrounds, many of whom received assistance from EFRAT themselves and are passionate about paying forward the compassion and support they once received.


Two years of supplies delivered to her door

Following her birth, each mother receives an initial starter package with essential baby equipment and supplies delivered to her door. Every subsequent month for the next two years, she continues to receive packages of basic products like diapers and wipes, as well as essential food staples for the baby and family.

financial support
Baby equipment and supplies

Following her baby’s birth, each mother receives baby equipment as needed, including a crib, mattress, baby bath, and stroller (or double stroller if necessary)—all brand new and of high quality. She also receives a kit of essential supplies including linen and blanket sets, clothing, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, pacifier clips, bottles, bibs, and more.

Monthly essentials package

Every month for the first two years of the baby's life, a mother receives a package of basic baby products. This includes diapers, wipes, baby formula, clothing according to the baby's age, and more.

Monthly food package

On a monthly basis, a mother receives a variety of staple food products, including rice, sugar, and basic pantry items.

EFRAT was a ray of light.”

“I was at a breaking point; I was so scared about how I would make ends meet with a baby to raise. I felt that life had dealt me a cruel hand and I did not want to bring a child into this cruel world.

On the recommendation of a friend, I turned to EFRAT. This was one of the wisest steps that I have ever taken. EFRAT was a ray of light. I slowly regained a feeling that life had meaning. I realized that in reality, this pregnancy was a gift. Throughout the pregnancy an EFRAT volunteer accompanied me. She listened and cared and helped me at every opportunity.

Today I am a proud mother of a 3-month-old princess.
I will never be able to thank this incredible organization. It was them who really made it possible for me to be a mother.”

—Tamar W.

medical consultation

A second opinion when it counts most

For women who have received a doctor's recommendation for an abortion due to a maternal or fetal health condition, EFRAT offers free medical consultations to those seeking a second opinion.

Our team of leading health professionals will review all reports and lab tests, and provide a clear explanation of the results and any implications, pro bono.

Additional medical counseling is also available under the guidance of Dr. Yonatan Schussheim, an expert in fertility medicine, obstetrics, and gynecology.


Breaking the cycle of poverty

EFRAT empowers women to enter the workforce and become financially independent providers for their own growing families.

Our new department, Working Moms, offers comprehensive vocational testing to identify each woman's core strengths, preferences, and aptitude to help her receive professional training that puts her on a path toward financial independence. We also help her access childcare vouchers, as necessary.

I received everything a baby could need”

“A friend of my mother’s put me in touch with EFRAT and it is with their help that I was able to give birth to my first baby. They supported me during the pregnancy and after I gave birth. I received everything a baby could need – a bed, a stroller, bath, diapers, clothes, bottles, pacifiers! I’ve been married now for 10 years and I’ve had two more children. My children are my whole world; I wouldn’t give them up for anything.”

—Batya N.


Navigating bureaucracy on behalf of mothers

Our trained staff and volunteers provide advice, guidance, and advocacy so that women can access the support they and their babies deserve.

EFRAT will help cut through red tape and procure access to public housing, government funding, assistance from other charitable institutions, and other resources available to those who are eligible.


Spreading awareness so every woman knows where to turn

Women facing unexpected pregnancies may not know where to turn for help, often deciding to end their pregnancy without realizing that support is available.

Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to increase public awareness of our services and to ensure that women across the country know how to access support.

Our visitor center, located next door to our headquarters in Jerusalem, welcomes young Israeli men and women aged 17+ as well as groups from across the world to learn about EFRAT and the support that is available for pregnant women in crisis.

Want to become an Efrat volunteer?

Complete the form below and we'll reach out to you to discuss how you can get involved.
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