How we help


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Women in distressed situations who are considering terminating their pregnancies, may not know where to turn for help, often making the decision to end their pregnancy, without realizing that support is available. Our staff and volunteers tirelessly work to increase public awareness of the support that is available to women in times of need. EFRAT promotes it services and knowledge base by utilizing radio, television, social media, public billboards in central locations, and local buses, to ensure that women across the country know how to access critical needed support.

Prenatal Consultation

The Israeli medical system provides prenatal healthcare, so women are able to access full medical support. However, if a woman has a specific concern about her own health, test results, medical recommendation she received, or that of her fetus, EFRAT offers her access to a second opinion.


EFRAT has set out to provide women with the opportunity to seek a cost-free medical consultation. Women can fax or email medical reports and test results and will be given a clear explanation of the results and any implications. This is done for women in Israel and all around the globe!

Routine Pregnancy Checkup

Emotional Assistance


Women considering terminating their pregnancies are in a delicate, stressful, and often complex position. They may want to keep their baby, but feel alone, worried, and desperate, without adequate support. Efrat provides emotional support to any woman, ensuring that no woman feels alone. When a woman turns to EFRAT, the social worker and her experienced team try to understand her individual needs and provides her a source comfort and strength.

A trained and supervised volunteer is assigned to support her during this emotionally fraught time. Communication may be over the phone or face to face, with contact initiated by the woman. The volunteer offers company and support during pregnancy which sometimes extends long after birth. EFRAT has over 150 volunteers trained in crisis counseling, active throughout Israel. Skilled administrators operate a hotline for women and link them to other EFRAT teams, as well as to other agencies and services as needed.

Practical Assistance 

EFRAT sets to provide women with practical help on the arrival of their baby and over the first two years of the baby’s life. Thousands of women have chosen to keep their pregnancy thanks to this reassurance of financial and emotional support. EFRAT considers each individual’s financial circumstances and based on clear guidelines, provides practical help as needed, delivering packages directly to homes throughout the country, in the form of:


Following the baby’s birth, a mother receives baby equipment as needed, including a crib, mattress, baby bath, and stroller (a double-stroller if needed). All supplies are new and of high quality, providing peace of mind regarding the baby’s immediate needs.​


A kit of essential supplies for a newborn girl or boy is sent to a new mother as required. The kit contains new, high-quality items, including: linen, blanket set, clothing, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, pacifier clip, bottles, bottle cleaners, bibs and more.


Every month for the first two years of the babies life a mother receives a package of basic baby products. This Includes: diapers, wipes, baby food, and more.​


On a monthly basis, a mother receives a variety of staple food products, including, rice, sugar, and basic pantry items.