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’s story

Even before we got married, David and I dreamed about having a big family with at least four children. But then I gave birth to my first child, a son. It was traumatic, both physically and emotionally, and I told David I would never have another child. I meant it. For the next few years, I did everything I could to prevent another pregnancy. David thought that I would get over the trauma but a few years went by and I remained adamant.  

When my son was almost three, I was terribly upset to discover I was pregnant. Our financial situation was difficult; I had just started a new job and David didn't make enough money for us to live on. I decided to have an abortion—both because of our financial difficulties, and to avoid the trauma of another birth. David tried to persuade me not to abort but couldn’t convince me. He turned to EFRAT in the hopes that I’d listen to them more easily.

A volunteer that called truly listened to me, giving me space to talk through my fears. She gently explained the repercussions of abortion, encouraged me, and offered her support. When I heard about the financial assistance that EFRAT was offering, I felt much better and decided to continue my pregnancy.

A few months passed and our son suddenly began losing weight and growing weak. We went to the doctor, who diagnosed him with a malignant disease that progressed very quickly. Within a few months, our son passed away. We were devastated. Had I aborted my second child, there would have been no respite from the pain and emptiness. But we had one source of comfort—our new baby. 

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