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’s story

I was visiting the Kotel and overheard two women speaking. One was trying to convince her friend, Moriah, not to go ahead with the abortion she had scheduled for the next day. I understood from the conversation that Moriah’s family was in bad financial straits. They already had three children, and her husband was pressuring her to abort the baby because of their economic situation. He even threatened to leave her if she didn't agree.

Moriah gave me her address and I visited her that evening with a bag of gifts, to sweeten the atmosphere. The family truly was in a bad economic situation. Moriah was crying, and her husband was upset and angry. I told them about the assistance EFRAT offers, and that in more than 57,000 cases like hers, not one woman was ever sorry that she had her baby in spite of financial problems. Moriah was fearful of another birth and I promised to accompany and help her. I left their home not knowing what Moriah would decide.

The next morning Moriah called me to tell me she did not have the abortion. I kept close contact with Moriah throughout the pregnancy. After the birth, Moriah's husband called to thank EFRAT for the generous support that they received, including a crib, stroller, bath, baby kit, and monthly packages of diapers and wipes.

A few months later, I met Moriah's husband on the street. He approached me, smiling from ear to ear, to show her a picture of the baby. I asked him, “And you didn't want that?” He looked at me and said, "Please, please do not remind me” with tears choking his voice.

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