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’s story

I was born and raised in Brazil but always had a special love for Israel. That love brought me to work as a tour guide taking groups of tourists to Israel. After one of my trips, I returned to Brazil and found out that I was pregnant. My husband already had one foot out of the marriage and used my pregnancy as an excuse to leave me. I turned to my family, expecting their support, but they encouraged me to have an abortion. "How can you even think about raising a child on your own? How will you support yourself as a tour guide with a baby? How do you think you’ll find a new job?" I was torn between my deep wish to have the baby, and the harsh reality of having absolutely no support or help.

But then I remembered my visits to the EFRAT office in Israel, where I would take groups of tourists. I called EFRAT President Dr. Schussheim, who encouraged me and connected me with a family from the local Jewish community. They supported me through the pregnancy. After nine months, my beautiful daughter was born. I had no doubt what to name her—I called her Efrat.

There was little keeping me in Brazil and I moved to Israel shortly after Efrat was born. I soon met my future husband, also a recent oleh from South America, and we married. Together, we are raising little Efrat.

Today, I volunteer for EFRAT, helping support pregnant women in distress. Not only did EFRAT help bring my daughter to this world, it also helped bring me to Israel where I am building my new family!

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