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C.R.I.B - EFRATs Story

Many wonder about the origin of EFRAT’s name.

Efrat was the name given to the biblical Miriam, sister of Aaron and Moses. A courageous woman, she was granted the additional name Efrat, in recognition of her heroic measures to save Jewish children from Pharaoh’s decree of death.

Miriam personally intervened to save the children while also going out of her way to provide newborns and families with all their needs. The nation survived as a result of her bravery.

EFRAT aspires to emulate Miriam in saving the lives of Jewish children and honors her bravery by naming this life-saving organization in her memory.

Our Story

An unassuming office in Jerusalem is home to a grand scale life-saving organization.


EFRAT was founded in the 1950’s by Mr. Herschel Feigenbaum, a survivor of the Holocaust. Mr. Feigenbaum understood that children are our future and in memory of the over one and a half million Jewish children who perished, he established EFRAT.

Dr. Eli Schussheim has headed the organization since 1977. Under his leadership, EFRAT has made Mr. Feigenbaum’s dream a reality through its support of Jewish childbirth.

Dr. Schussheim’s connection to EFRAT emerged when a woman brought her 8-year-old son to his clinic over 40 years ago.

As Dr. Schussheim completed treatment, she announced, “My son is here because of you. Before I realized that I was pregnant, I underwent some x-rays. When I found out about the pregnancy, doctors told me to terminate it, explaining that the child would likely be born with defects. I came to consult with you and explained that this was based on outdated facts. I decided to continue my pregnancy and gave birth to my son, who thank G-d is healthy.”

This story changed Dr. Schussheim’s life and the course of his career. Up until that point, he had practiced as a senior surgeon in the Hadassah and Shaare Zedek Medical Centers in Jerusalem. “I studied medicine to save lives”, Dr. Schussheim said. “Here I saw how a simple consultation could save a child.”

Since then, Dr. Schussheim has dedicated himself on a voluntary basis to leading EFRAT. EFRAT’s goal is to empower women who feel that they have no alternative but to end their pregnancy due to crippling socio-economic constraints.