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40,000 babies lost.
40,000 stories left untold.

This Rosh Hashanah help us change that.
* For Adi, it was the endless phone calls from her family, threatening to cut her off if she refused to terminate her pregnancy.
* For Chedva, it was wondering how she and her husband could support a third baby in extreme poverty.
* For Sarit, it was lacking the emotional and financial support to cope with pregnancy during a traumatic divorce. 

When a woman dials our number, it’s because poverty has cornered her into believing that abortion is her only option.
*As we pray to be renewed for another year of life, health, and happiness, this Rosh Hashanah, please partner with EFRAT to give thousands of mothers the support they need to bring new life into the world.

Just $1,500 provides an expectant mother with counseling, a newborn package, and two years of financial assistance to care for her child.​